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Gotta Catch ‘em Now: How to Capture Your Audience with Killer Headlines for Web Content

It’s 10pm, you are lying in bed scrolling through Facebook, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling until boom your finally find something you want to read. You read the article and then continue to scroll through your feed, but what made you stop? That is what we are here to answer.

Emotion. Emotion is one of the strongest and most influential decision makers in the human mind, capitalizing on the power of emotion can do wonders for your headline. Everyone’s emotional elements and values are different so it is important to be aware of that and have the emotional impact of your headline and content be consistent with your brand image. Happiness, sadness and relatability are all very strong influencers.

Inspiration. Inspiration is another strong influencer and motivator. People are always searching for inspiration which guides them into new territory. Creating an inspirational headline will guide people to click and read your content, feel motivated and inspired.

  • Power Words. It is important to make your headline jump off of the screen. An easy way to do this is by using power words which are powerful, energetic, emotional or descriptive words that make your headline stand out and bring the reader in.
  • Teasers. This is one of the oldest and most successful ways of making your headline stand out and reeling in the audience. Some people will claim that they are not interested in something when they are around company, but when people are alone with a computer or a phone, everyone is a detective. Creating a headline that puts the reader on the edge of their seat, provokes curiosity and teases the reader into a state of “I have to know where this is going next” is an almost guaranteed way to increase engagement.

Ask. By posing or asking a question you engage the reader. The key to this method is to come up with a question that peaks the reader’s interest so that they will read to try and find out the answer.

  • Benefits. The benefit approach is pretty much the opposite of the ask and teaser strategies where they try to pull readers in with their curiosity. The benefit approach is when you include the benefits in the headline that the reader will get from reading your content. It is a blunt, straight to the point way of letting potential readers know exactly why they should read your content and in a fast paced business world it could be an effective strategy.
  • “You”. The “you” strategy is another way to engage readers and make them relate to the headline and content. By using “you” the reader really internalizes the message and it is a good way to bring readers in.
  • Quotes. Pulling a quote from a speech, interview, or even a song or a movie can be an effective way of making prospective readers interested in your content. Whether it’s curiosity to how the quote will fit in with the company’s content or sheer love for the quote or origin of the quote, it can help you get clicks if implemented correctly in a headline.
  • Uses. This method is along the same line as the benefits method where the headline comes out and states exactly what the content is going to do. The uses method is when you include statements like “how to” or “how x can produce y”, inviting prospective readers on an educational journey that will help the reader in some way. This method, like the benefits method, is blunt and well-adjusted to the fast paced business world that we all live and work in today.
  • Greats. Using the word great throughout your headline will send a message to the prospective reader that this content is of quality and is worth reading. Phrases like great accomplishments, great leaders or great methods will make the content seem worthwhile.
  • Opinions. Including an opinion is a great way to bring readers to your content. Opinions, whether outlandish or consistent with the reader, will help get a click. An outlandish and ridiculous opinion will get people to read the content just to see how the author can explain their opinion and an opinion consistent to the readers will get them to click as readers will want to see how they articulate their similar opinion.
  • Mistakes. Using mistakes, myths or common misconceptions is a good way to challenge a potential reader, pulling them in by having them think that they have been doing something wrong or that something they know to be true is actually a misconception. Fear is a powerful motivator and frightening a reader into thinking that they have been making a mistake is an effective way to get them to read.
  • Examples. Including an example in your headline can help make readers understand your topic, relate to your topic and can be an exciting way to tee-up and showcase your content. It is important to pick relevant examples with your audience for your example to be effective.

It is important to keep these strategies in context and to know your audience. These methods are hollow if they are not implemented in a careful and strategic manor that takes your audience and company brand/image into account. Using these strategies correctly will improve your content creation and help you create killer headlines for web content and take your business to the next level.

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