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How to Advertise Your Business on Twitter

Twitter sees over 500 million tweets per day and is the go-to news and information platform, making it vital for business marketing.

No one will deny the importance of social media in today’s society. The prevalence of businesses using social media increases each and every day. Having a strong social presence on Twitter will do wonders for your business! Twitter, the online news and social networking site, sees over 500 million Tweets per day. Aside from being able to communicate with followers, individuals use Twitter to explore links, articles, trends, and essentially to find out what’s going on! If you look at Twitter from a business standpoint, the platform can be used to boost your brand recognition, traffic, and sales. Twitter has several features that will allow your business to connect with an audience that is both relevant and engaged in your content.

Twitter is a powerful tool for advertisers and attracts a highly engaged global audience from all backgrounds and interests. So how do you advertise your brand on Twitter? Many businesses spend lots of time and energy on Twitter, but are not seeing the results they want. When using Twitter to advertise for your company, you should first determine your campaign budget. When choosing the amount for your budget, in order to not lose money, you should pay less than the result is worth to you. Twitter has two advertising options that help businesses that are on a budget. They are: Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. Using both of these resources will get your posts seen by more people who can ultimately end up being your customers or consumers. Not everyone is going to catch on right away, but it is important to accept that you are new to the platform and to view your first attempts of Twitter advertising as an experiment!

So, you may be thinking, where do I start? A practical starting point for your first campaign ad should be to target the individuals who follow a competitor of your business. After all, the three most effective objectives when advertising your business on Twitter are increasing your followers, increasing the traffic to your profile, and producing leads. Having a clear idea of who your particular audience is and how best to reach them will ensure your success. Twitter offers a variety of targeting options that ensure that your advertisements are put in front of your targeted audience. By reaching your target audience, you can already guarantee that the individuals following both you and your competitors have the same interests as your business as well!

When it comes to advertising on Twitter, your advertisements should be based on the specific objectives you have for your business. Determine what you want to achieve with your Twitter ads. Having solid social media goals in place for your business is crucial. As mentioned before, you want to target an audience that will have similar interests, behaviors and demographics as your business. By determining this you will be able to select the type of audience you want your advertisements to appear to! On Twitter, you will find Follower Campaign Ads. This is designed to increase the visibility of your business profile and grow your followers. These ads will appear as Promoted Tweets AND as Promoted Accounts in the “Who to Follow” boxes that are placed in several different locations around the platform. A Promoted Tweet, is a tweet that an advertiser pays to display to people who are not already following your business on Twitter. Having Promoted Tweets are very important because it means that your tweet will appear in targeted Twitter users who do not yet follow you but might find your content interesting (aka your future consumers and customers.)

Video advertising is taking off on Twitter. Video is the fasting growing advertising tool on the internet right now and there are over 2 billion video views on Twitter each day. With that being said, Tweets that contain video get people to take action and attract 10x more engagement versus tweets without a video. As a business owner, you should be thinking of Twitter as a network full of news and information. As you know, it is important to stand out! Advertisements that have strong, eye-catching, creative content perform much better than those without. Video content is reshaping digital advertising. You have several different options when it comes to advertising your business through video. When it comes to making your first video advertising campaign, you will want to ensure that all of your videos are mobile friendly. 93% of video views happen on a mobile device, so make sure you are testing out the video to make sure it is mobile compatible. Your business needs a voice so it is crucial to create a well-thought out strategy. With the use of video, your users can discover your content, brand, and message. People visit Twitter to “discover something new and interesting.”

Marketing your brand on Twitter is just as important as advertising it. Once you feel that you are confident with the audience you have acquired, it is important to engage with them. Reply to tweets about your business! Whether you are receiving positive (or negative) feedback you should make it a priority to reply to those tweets within a 24-hour window. When addressing tweets, it is appropriate Twitter etiquette to ‘like’ and ‘retweet’ positive messages and thank those who praise you. As for the negative folks, addressing their critical tweets in a helpful and respectful manner can actually be beneficial for your business as well. You want to tweet often!!! A tweet you post in the morning will be quickly forgotten by night time. Tweeting often will increase the engagement with your followers. An important tip when posting about your business is that although you can only use 140 characters it is smart to leave an extra 15-20 characters for your followers who wish to retweet your post or add additional content to it.

When it comes to advertising and marketing on Twitter, just keep experimenting! Experiment with all the different types of content you can use, and find a good balance that works best for your business and your audience. Most importantly, strategy is key. With proper planning, adjustments, and creativity, crafting a Twitter strategy that will elevate your business will feel like second nature to you in no time!

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