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How the Recent Google Algorithm Update Impacted Digital Marketing Companies

How the Recent Google Algorithm Update Impacted Digital Marketing Companies

If there’s one term that can be used to describe search engine optimization, it would be “everchanging.” With search engines becoming increasingly sophisticated, including finishing potential queries that users fill out in search bars, it’s vital for every digital marketing company to stay on top of their SEO game. This is especially true given the regular algorithm updates seen across search engines, Google being the most prominent. The question must be asked: how do these updates impact companies that specialize in marketing?

To give a bit of history, arguably the most notable Google algorithm update was the one known as Panda. Released in early 2011, the Panda update was designed to focus less on low-quality content. Thus, websites built with such content experienced lost rankings. Companies had to focus more on providing high-quality content, which meant that significantly more time was spent on SEO than in the past. From there, multiple updates of varying scales have been released, companies having to pivot to stay neck and neck. As history has shown, SEO has evolved.

For companies that have done everything right in terms of SEO, it’s unlikely that there is much to worry about regarding the recent algorithm update. Over the years, search engines have developed to benefit those that have taken the right steps to improve and maintain their practices. Strong SEO is promoted through a variety of methods, including responsive web design, consistent output of high-quality content, and optimization of internal pages. Efforts such as these can be facilitated by an Internet marketing company. For a clearer understanding of how the recent Google algorithm update impacted digital marketing companies, here are a few key points to consider.

Responsive Web Design

Now, more than ever before, it’s integral for digital marketing companies to note the importance of responsive web design. The Internet is accessed from more platforms than it has been in decades past. Businesses must adjust to this shift by ensuring their websites can be read and navigated on as many devices as possible. For example, if a website performs one way on a desktop computer, but fails to perform similarly on a smartphone, its likelihood of maintaining its rankings will decrease. Fortunately, there are a few ways that a website can become more responsive. Potential fixes include optimized images and easily accessible buttons for navigation purposes.

High-Quality Content Creation

Another important factor to consider, in regard to modern SEO, is the way in which content is created. Practices such as “keyword stuffing” have become antiquated, with businesses adopting this practice not only seeing few positive results but several negative ones. It has become imperative to build content not for search engines but for people. Simple blog posts that are less than 300 words each won’t perform. Lengthier content that’s rich in value, offering insight or entertainment, is necessary for SEO growth. The companies that adhere to this mindset will be the ones that see greater visibility on Google and other search engines.

Voice Search

Perhaps the most unique development following the Google algorithm update is the growing importance of voice search. With technology such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, the average consumer can verbally express what they’re searching for instead of typing it out. This offers a level of convenience that search engines have taken note of. Consider the fact that more users rely on their phones for search-related purposes and it’s easy to see why voice search has become such an integral part of SEO. For new and long-standing businesses alike, optimization for voice search will go a long way in maintaining and improving rankings.

Goal Setting

When developing a website, every internal page should have a purpose. This can range from providing a user with information to encouraging said user to purchase a product. Whatever the case may be, a page’s quality is largely determined by how effectively it achieves its purpose. For example, if a page featuring a whitepaper successfully offers a user vital information, its importance to SEO will grow. If it fails to reach this goal, its importance will diminish. Every page must be developed with a goal in mind. Companies will have different priorities regarding their websites, but they must achieve what they’re developed to do.

With these points in mind, you now have a better understanding of how a Google algorithm change can impact digital marketing. For businesses that have seen decreases in rankings, there is no need to panic. There are numerous reasons why this may have occurred, including a mistake on the search engine’s part that will be rolled back in a few days. In other situations, the issue may be more complicated, even coming down to the way that a site looks, has been built, or responds to different devices. Consult an SEO agency to learn what your options are.

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