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How to Use Email Drip Campaigns to Increase Sales

Email Drip

To reach as many prospects as possible, by keeping them posted via messages that encourage interaction, businesses would be wise to look into email drip campaigns. With this marketing tactic, a certain audience will be contacted in order to achieve certain goals. Whether it’s to promote a new product, gain feedback on a product that was purchased, or simply gauge customer satisfaction, email drips assist the efforts of a digital marketing company.

The benefits of running email drip campaigns are numerous. First, campaigns help with nurturing prospects, ensuring that they are kept up to date with a company’s happenings. Second, they boost brand awareness, keeping said company’s name and likeness fresh in the minds of recipients. Third, they are diverse in terms of the campaigns that can be run. Campaigns include, but aren’t limited to, onboarding, welcome messaging, and abandoned online shopping cart reminders. These are just a few examples of why email drip campaigns are recommended.

Perhaps the most important reason why a business would express the need for an email drip campaign is to increase sales. Ultimately, a business’ goal is to bring in steady revenue, which can be facilitated through the marketing services they implement. How can email drip campaigns be used to increase sales in the long term? Here are a few questions to ask to ensure the creation of high-performing campaigns.

What is the goal?

Before creating the messaging or the content that will be sent to audiences, an email drip campaign should have an established goal. There are many reasons why a campaign may be created. For example, a company that specializes in ecommerce may create a campaign to reach out to users that have abandoned their shopping cart. This campaign will remind users of items they’ve left so that they may be encouraged to complete their transactions. Another campaign may be created to reach out to those that have purchased select items, requesting feedback on not only the items but their shopping experiences. Every email drip campaign must have a goal. An online marketing company will recommend that this is determined early on.

Email Drip

How should follow-up messages be worded?

One of the main components of an email drip campaign is the messaging sent to users. However, it’s important for the messaging to be worded with care so that it receives the most engagement possible. It must also provide value so that those who receive the messages will be willing to inquire further. This can be done by way of requesting more information via email or setting up a phone call. Furthermore, if a client decides to run multiple campaigns at once, it’s in their best interest to create a unique message for each. For instance, if a technology firm develops an email drip campaign for business owners, its follow-up messaging should be unique compared to other groups it targets.

What are examples of relevant content to include in email drip campaigns?

The answer to this question depends on the audience being targeted. Specific types of content can include infographics, whitepapers, and instructional videos, each of which can be implemented in the aforementioned follow-up messages. To expand on this, a user may sign up for a newsletter with a retailer they shop with often. The retailer may wish to add value to their email drips by including promotional deals with their messaging. Not only does this provide the value in question to users, but it may incentivize others to opt in if they haven’t.

Should an option be included to opt out?

In a word, yes. Effective email drip campaigns should not only include an option to opt in but, if need be, opt out. The best way to include the option in question is by providing a link at the bottom of the follow-up message. From there, the user can easily unsubscribe. Businesses may also wish to include questionnaires, asking users why they were opting out, whether emails were too frequent, what can be done to improve the service, among other suggestions. These are especially useful for companies that see high opt-out rates for their email drip campaigns. By having this knowledge on hand, businesses can pivot, designing better strategies in the process.

How can it be determined that an email drip campaign is working?

Fortunately, most software designed for email purposes comes equipped with tools to measure analytics. In other words, a business can easily track the progress of the campaigns that they run. They will be able to see open rates, conversions, and overall performance month over month, among other variables. These analytics will better help businesses determine the efficacy of their email drip campaigns. From there, any necessary changes can be made to the messaging, the content included, and other email-related factors. Nonetheless, email drip campaigns take time to perform, so commit to the initial process before making any notable changes.

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