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How To Advertise a Small Business on Social Media

77% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands they follow on social media. One of the most common ways to promote businesses is through social media advertising. Every business is on at least one, if not all, social media platforms. As a small business, it’s especially important to be on social media and keep up with the latest trends. If your brand isn’t, it will eventually catch up to you down the road. Advertising your business on social media will help you stay one step ahead of your competition by connecting with customers and inevitably increase sales. Follow these small business advertising tips and learn how much social media actually is your best friend.

Utilize Multiple Platforms

The more the merrier, right? Being on multiple social media platforms is an excellent start to advertising on social media. Using social media to advertise your small business doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating. Out there is an audience waiting to connect with your brand. Nonetheless, make sure your small business is on everything in regards to social media.


Facebook is the top dog when it comes to audience reach. With 1 billion registered users and 699 million daily active users, your small business will attract customers before you know it. For small businesses, this platform in particular represents an exceptional chance to increase your audience reach.

Facebook video ads have been proved to be an excellent advertising tactic. According to Buffer, “Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a Facebook photo.” That being said, you only have a few seconds to draw users in. Make sure what your posting is a quality video that will catch their attention. Going off of that, post with intent. Try not to post something random in the hopes that someone will see it. Don’t post something random in the hopes that someone sees. You want your ads to be cohesive, otherwise your brand will portray itself as unorganized.


Instagram, like all other social media platforms, is a community. Engaging with your customers on a regular basis brings you that much closer to establishing a strong relationship with them. Even something as simple as replying back to a comment or direct message goes a long way. It helps build trust and brand loyalty – two things vital to the prosperity of your small business. Helpful hint: this goes for all social media platforms, not just the gram.

Something that has become a big success on social media is having micro influencers. A micro influencer might have less followers, but they’ll have a super high engagement rate with their followers. Let’s be real, we can’t relate to the glamorous life that Kim Kardashian lives. We can, however, relate to a regular person with a job. Having a micro influencer will really expand your audience reach. It can also be a cost-effective way to advertise your small business as well. Most small businesses think that influencer marketing is only for the big brands with hundreds of thousands of followers. But that’s not the case. At all.


Twitter can be effective in advertising too. This platform has a strong and dedicated fan base for those who use it daily. Since Twitter is more fast-paced than the others, a tweet doesn’t last too long on someone’s timeline. This being the case, don’t be apprehensive to tweet the same content a few times throughout the week, month, etc.

By using “promoted tweets,” you can advertise your small business organically. With a promoted tweet, they become twitter ads and appear on people’s timelines with a small “promoted” badge. They are highly beneficial because there’s a better chance that users will see your tweet. In general, Twitter advertisements will help you gain more followers and exposure. Something highly useful for small business is the targeting features that are offered. It helps you choose the specific audience you wish to reach.

Tweets that include images or videos are more likely to receive engagement from users than tweets only using text. When in doubt, add a photo to your tweet. Along with every tweet there should be some type of creative hashtag. Creating hashtags is a great way to advertise your small business. Tweets containing 1 or 2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with 3 or more. That being said, choose your hashtags wisely.


Now that we have established how crucial it is to be on multiple social media platforms and the ways to use them, let’s talk content. As a small business, it’s essential to post content daily.

Think about it, if someone comes across your page and your most recent post was almost four weeks ago, are they really going to follow you? The answer is no. Nobody wants to follow a brand that doesn’t update their page. Every time that your small business posts new content, you are reminding your followers that your brand exists. As a business, you want to make a lasting impression on your customers.

Social Media Keeps Relevancy

Your small business needs to use social media marketing to stay relevant. Just having a Facebook profile is no longer enough if you want to maximize your reach. Learning how to promote your small business can often feel like a hit-or-miss situation. Being open to experimentation will make the process of advertising your small business that much easier. Try some of these advertising tips listed and your small business will benefit tremendously.

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