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How Virtual Reality May Influence Online Marketing in 2021

Virtual Reality Marketing

The ability to create and simulate real-life environments through technology – this is the basis of virtual reality as it’s known today. To say that it has evolved over the past several years would be an understatement. What has once been considered too ambitious to bring to life has since become one of the most promising developments in technology. Make no mistake, either; virtual reality is still an ongoing process. Virtual reality has been used in many situations, gaming being among the most prevalent. However, the way that it can potentially help online marketing companies can’t be ignored.

As the year 2020 wraps up, it’s important to understand how digital marketing strategies can evolve. From Long Island advertising agencies to worldwide corporations, several names in the world of marketing will be looking to get the most out of 2021. One of the ways that this can be done is by embracing technology that has either gone overlooked or failed to be utilized to its fullest. Virtual reality is one of the prime examples of said technology, bringing unique experiences to consumers other forms of tech cannot. Simply put, virtual reality can have a major influence on online marketing in the New Year.

Perhaps the most popular example of virtual reality in technology is gaming. From the current generation of consoles, which includes the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, to generations prior, it can be argued that barriers exist in gaming. These include user-friendliness; avid gamers are drawn to these consoles, of course, but what about consumers that have yet to pick up controllers? Those on the outside may be put off by VR technology for this reason alone. However, virtual reality has the opportunity to draw in individuals boasting varying skill levels.

Half-Life: Alyx, Iron Man VR, and Microsoft Flight Simulator are just a few virtual reality games in 2020 that reviewed well. While these games span different genres, they share one common trait: they place the user in a situation that makes them feel like they’ve stepped out of one reality and into another. In addition, they are incredibly accessible, due in large part to the accessibility of headsets that we will discuss later. In any event, titles such as these show that there is an interest in VR gaming.

Virtual Reality Marketing

There are many examples of virtual reality headsets that have hit the market. From PlayStation VR to Valve Index to Oculus Quest, these feats of VR technology have enjoyed varying levels of success. They feature simplified, streamlined controls, which may be just as useful for business as they have been for gaming. Companies can gamify user experiences, informing and entertaining consumers alike. However, this is just one example of virtual reality being used to bolster marketing efforts in 2021.

Virtual reality can also be used to provide high-level customer service in specific industries. These include those that often require face-to-face or in-person communication, prompting the consumer to leave their home. Due to the current pandemic, this level of service may be difficult to deliver. In fact, once said pandemic ceases, there is a strong likelihood that these experiences will be different. Thus, new technologies must be used to help provide customer service and ensure that businesses grow. This is where VR technology can come into play.

To better expand on this, consider the real estate industry. Open houses are still incredibly popular, but for those that are hesitant to leave their homes or simply don’t have time to travel, learning about potential opportunities may be difficult. Imagine a real estate agent providing a virtual reality tour of a house they’re looking to sell. This experience will allow the user to travel throughout the location, without leaving the comfort of their own home, from the front door to the top floor. In addition to being enjoyed remotely, the experience in question can be just as informative as a real-world tour.

Another possible example would be in the car dealership industry. In 2014, Volvo started a VR initiative known as Volvo Reality. With this, users could take cars for “virtual test drives,” which placed them in the driver’s seat, allowing them to survey their surroundings that were as close to real life as possible. This was a unique initiative that, given the current pandemic, could be implemented by other companies. An experience of this nature provides a solid customer service and, just as importantly, will speak volumes about how marketing efforts may shift during 2021.

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