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The SEO Pitfalls to Avoid in 2021

SEO Pitfalls

Search engine optimization plays a major role in online business. Did you know that nearly three-fourths of all online experiences begin with a search engine, such as Bing or Google? Were you also aware that companies see most of their leads through inbound methods, of which SEO is included? These are just a few details that speak to the importance of the work that Long Island SEO agencies carry out. More so, their services will be that much more important come 2021.

Like with any digital marketing approach, there are right and wrong ways to go about SEO. While the former can result in increased leads and greater prominence in search engine rankings, the latter can be especially disastrous, with businesses losing the progress they’ve made. SEO is a delicate process that requires the expertise of an Internet marketing company. With that said, for a better understanding of what to avoid, here are a few of the common pitfalls to keep an eye out for in the New Year.

Failing to Develop a Plan – When it comes to long-term SEO, a plan is integral. A common rookie mistake is doing anything to improve rankings without planning the steps out ahead of time. This goes for any effort related to SEO, ranging from writing to web design to social media and beyond. Even before the first link is created, a company must develop an SEO plan. This will take time, as it encompasses research and execution alike. Once a process is set in place, though, fewer mistakes will be made in the long term.

Emphasizing the Wrong Keywords – An SEO plan can be made or broken based on keyword selection. In other words, what are the terms that a company would like to appear for when an individual does an online search? Keep in mind that some keywords will be more valuable than others. For a company that’s fairly new in their industry, long-term keywords will be easier to rank for, as there’s less competition in this regard. Furthermore, it’s important to put oneself in the shoes of the average user; what are the terms they will use when searching on Google, for instance? Hyper-focused keyword research goes a long way in yielding SEO results.

Producing Low-Quality Content – “Content is king” may be seen as a digital marketing cliché, but it persists ever still. Content is what draws users to a site. More importantly, it will determine whether users remain on-site for an extended length of time. This is why it’s important to produce high-quality content based on specific topics. For example, if a user lands on a law firm’s website, they may spend more time there if a detailed blog is present. The blog in question should feature high-quality pieces on topics such as the importance of legal representation. This will provide value for the user. High-quality content matters, which brings us to our next point.

Developing Content That Isn’t Optimized – While we are on the subject of content, let’s discuss the importance of optimization in this respect. For content to perform well, from an SEO standpoint, it must be properly optimized. Keep in mind that this approach will be different from one piece of content to another, though certain details will be consistent throughout. These include, but aren’t limited to, target keywords being present in the title and body, smart linking in the body, and overall word length. These are just a few factors that not only influence the quality of a piece of mind but the likelihood of it performing well in terms of SEO.

SEO Pitfalls

Overlooking a Mobile-Friendly Experience – Another factor that plays into long-term SEO efforts is web design. Specifically, a company’s website should provide a mobile-friendly experience. It’s been determined that websites are less prominent in search engine results when they don’t translate well to smartphones and tablets. Keep in mind that roughly sixty percent of all online searches are done via mobile devices. Thus, it’s in the best interest of any business to develop a website that responds well across all platforms.

Letting Results Go Untracked – How successful is an SEO plan? The answer to this won’t be found unless results are tracked over time. For example, how well is a website ranking in November compared to January? Is their overall traffic up from month to month? Is the website receiving links from reputable websites and sources? These are just a few examples of data that can be tracked. From there, businesses can see where they’re thriving, in addition to areas that require improvement. This will ensure a productive 2021 and, just as importantly, a promising 2022.

About fishbat: fishbat is a full-service social media agency located in New York. Utilizing the latest technologies and forward-thinking strategies, fishbat is able to create marketing plans that are tailor-made for specific needs and goals. The services that fishbat provides include, but aren’t limited to, social media management, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and branding. With these, businesses will be able to market directly to their audiences, increasing traffic, engagement, and ultimately, revenue.

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