Mobile Apps: A New Way To Stop Cyberbullying

Jun 18, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

With 85% of high school students owning mobile phones and millions of Facebook users, the opportunities for cyber bullying are more prevalent than ever. In some court cases, the problems were so bad that Facebook was forced to reveal the aggressors. While there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this, like in schools, cyber bullying becomes a legal issue.

Increasingly, people are using social media as ways of expression. While social media marketing has become a very successful way for businesses to advertise as well, the abuse of Facebook has led to this whole new world of bullying that wasn’t present 50 years ago. Because of this, new measures must be taken to curtail it.

One such way of preventing bullying online and in schools is creating a mobile app. By having an application right on your mobile phone, you would be able to directly contact the school or administrator of a site when you see bullying occurring. It can be done anonymously, so students wouldn’t feel like they were ratting out people or getting themselves in trouble as well.

The problem with such apps and programs is that they often come at a very high price. A school would need to be set up with a way to check it and monitor messages that come in. Especially in situations where bullying can become a legal issue, it is important that all facts coming in are accurate. Also, with today’s economy, and school districts cutting left and right, they might not be in a position to change their policies as of late.

No matter what the method, cyber bullying needs to be combated. With the widespread use of The Internet and social media, the number of bullies online has unfortunately grown as well. To provide a safer environment for students of all ages and adults alike, it is essential that this battle is not only fought in schools and the workplace, but that websites themselves are monitoring their content. By doing so, directly or indirectly people’s lives are being saved.


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