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Press Release: Online Marketing Firm fishbat Discusses the Newly Announced Facebook Home

​fishbat, Inc. discusses the announcement of Facebook Home

fishbat, Inc. discusses the announcement of Facebook Home

On April 5, online marketing firm fishbat discusses the recent announcement of the new Facebook Home application for Android phones. Facebook is trying to put people before apps by delivering a new experience with Facebook Home.

During a live stream on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the release of Facebook Home, a new application set to try to deliver a better mobile experience for Facebook users. Home will bring your Facebook news feed directly to your phones home screen. Instead of seeing apps on your home screen when you start your phone up, you will see status updates as your phone scrolls through your news feed, or cover feed.

Notifications will appear on the home screen, and can be opened by simply clicking on them, or ignored by swiping them away. Apps will also have a place with the new Facebook Home, and will be only a click away from users.

Aside from the home screen change, Facebook is also changing how users send and receive messages. Chat Heads will be a new way to interact with your friends. Regardless of what type of message it is, a notification will pop up on your screen, and will allow you to chat with friends while not interrupting what you were previously doing on your phone.

Facebook Home will be available on Android phones April 12, and along with the release of the new app, HTC and AT&T have teamed up to release the first phone to come preloaded with Facebook Home. The new app will first be available on phones, but will eventually make its way to tablets. Facebook also plans to update the software monthly, to fix bugs and improve functions.

Online marketing firm fishbat understands how important a major announcement like Facebook Home can be to anyone who is involved with the social media giant. Justin Maas, VP of Client Relations, commented on the announcement saying, “Facebook Home looks like it could be exciting. While the presentation made it seem like Home is the next step in mobile social media, we will have to wait for the actual release to see for ourselves. Hopefully Facebook can achieve what they set out to by successfully putting people before applications.”

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