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Press Releases in Marketing: An FAQ

Press Releases in Marketing

To say that content is integral to digital marketing would be an understatement. It can serve a number of roles, though perhaps its greatest is user attention. In other words, the better a piece of content is, the more likely it is to not only maintain a user’s interest but motivate them to complete a desired action. When discussing the longest-standing forms of content in marketing, press releases stand out. Though they’ve had their place in traditional media for years beforehand, they’ve made the transition into digital media, with social media marketing agencies leveraging them to maximize results. To learn more about press releases in marketing, consult the following FAQ.

“What, exactly, is a press release?” A press release is generally defined as a written statement delivered to news outlets and publications, the main purpose being to distribute a major story. Examples of potential stories include, but aren’t limited to, company mergers and acquisitions, product unveilings, and responses to current events. Furthermore, press releases are often submitted for immediate release, though they can be scheduled ahead of time depending on the timeliness of the story being distributed. In any event, if you’re looking to use press releases in marketing, it’s important to understand the content at its core.

“What should the objective of my press release be?” The answer to this question is dependent on your specific needs. In other words, the answer varies. For example, are you writing a press release for the sole purpose of distributing news? Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website? Is your objective to improve your site’s SEO? These are just a few common goals associated with press releases in marketing, but if you can define yours ahead of time, it will make the writing and dissemination processes that much easier.

“Should I include an image with my press release?” If you have a relevant image, you should include it in your press release. Images can catch the attention of users, motivating them to click the link to your release. However, you should be mindful of the types of images you include with releases. For example, if a release discusses the hiring of a new executive, a picture of said executive would be most appropriate. If a release details an upcoming or newly released product, it should go without saying that an image of that product would be best. Consider including an image in each release to not only increase interest but the likelihood of your content being published across numerous outlets.

“Are press releases and blog posts the same?” While they may seem similar, if not exactly the same, understand that press releases and blog posts are unique from one another. Press releases are traditionally used for news purposes, meaning that in terms of content, they’re relatively limited. Meanwhile, blog posts are more diverse, able to cover a wider range of topics. However, blog posts are less likely to be published across different publications, which limits their reach. This isn’t to say that one type of content is inherently better than the other, however. Rather, they’re situational, meaning that marketers will be mindful when utilizing one option over the other.

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“What are the specific benefits of press releases?” There are many benefits to using press releases in marketing efforts. First, as mentioned earlier, this will help distribute news to different outlets and publications, which goes a long way in building awareness. Second, they can be targeted to specific regions and niches, meaning that the attention your content yields will be meaningful. Third, depending on how they’re written and optimized, press releases can assist with SEO, which goes a long way in improving your search engine rankings. These are just a few reasons why, as a business owner or executive, you should consider press release writing and dissemination.

“I’m interested in using press releases in marketing; where should I begin?” Now that you have a better understanding of press releases, you may wish to use them for long-term marketing efforts. To ensure that this is done the right way, consult a professional. If you’re a business owner on Long Island, in New York City, or in surrounding areas, consider speaking to a New York digital marketing agency. Not only do they understand the geography you’re most likely to target, but just as importantly, they know the importance of content. They can develop press releases, blog posts, video, and other forms of content, presenting your brand in the best way possible.

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