The Anatomy of a Successful Facebook Post

Jun 14, 2012 -- Posted by : admin

George Takei runs a very successful fan page with over 2 million fans on Facebook. His posts are extremely engaging, and the way he posts should be emulated by many brands out there. These two pictures are a great example of how engaging his content is.

This first screenshot was taken 10 seconds after he posted a picture – so far only one person has “liked” the post.

Flash forward less than a minute later and the post have over 600 likes, 89 shares and 6 comments!


Facebook’s new feature allows you to easily see how many potential fans each of your posts have reached, so you can use this feature to gauge the success of your own posts. Not every brand page has the same amount of followers as George Takei does, but you should be able to find comparable brands in your industry to see how many interactions they receive versus how many interactions your page receives. Most posts will stop receiving responses within a day, so I would recommend posting once a day for most brand pages. You should be flexible with your posting schedule as long as you do not overwhelm your fans with too many posts in the same time frame. You can also now schedule posts, which digital marketing agencies and community managers will love!


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