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Think Outside of the Big Brand Box: Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

Local and small businesses face an array of problems when it comes to gaining exposure, bringing people in the door, outshining the competition and marketing in general. Local businesses do not get the same natural exposure that online businesses or well known, franchises get but don’t fear! These local marketing tips for small businesses will help your local business grow and take it to the next level.


Incentivising Customers to Help Your Business Grow

This strategy is just as important as social media marketing. Having customers spread your business by word of mouth or online is a very effective strategy to help your business grow, but how do you get them to take the initiative? How do you get them to go out of their way and promote or recommend your business? The most important and basic way to do this is to treat every customer that walks through your door in a special and respectful manner. This seems elementary in concept but it is something that not every company does, never goes out of style and is highly effective. Customers that feel happy, important and respected when they walk into your business are way more likely to recommend or promote your business. This concept goes far beyond treating customers right when they are at your business‘ location. Strategies such as: sending customers a nice email thanking them for their business is another way to show your commitment to treating customers with kindness and respect. Thus, making them feel important even after your in person transaction with them. Lastly, another way to execute is to create incentives for customers to recommend new customers. Offering a prize, free item or service, to the customer that recommends the other customer as well as the new customer that signs up, is a great way to incentivize customers to recommend their family, friends or co-workers. Furthermore, making that prize something that further advertises your business such as, a car bumper sticker or a t-shirt is a great way to make this strategy even more effective as your loyal and new customers will do the advertising for you. All of these strategies are great but if you do not treat customers with respect and kindness all of these marketing and promotional efforts will come up short.

social media marketing for local business could really be extremely beneficial, however, social media marketing for local business could really be a struggle as they lack the resources and capital that bigger more well known firms have at their disposal. By using these strategies and tips, your business will grow like you never thought it could and reach that next level.

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