There’s no denying or ignoring the fundamental shift in the way consumers obtain information online. Blogging has become an effective method of spreading vast amounts of news and ideas to large audiences almost instantaneously. fishbat’s commitment to expanding our clients’ online presence is reflected in our Blog Outreach and In-House
Blogging services.

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Blog Outreach Program
Through the outreach program, fishbat contacts blog sites on our clients’ behalf to ensure their brands are well represented on relevant industry blogs. Staff bloggers from multiple sites are provided material to incorporate into their own articles, and fishbat even submits guest blogs dedicated solely to our clients’ information.
Advantages of the Blog Outreach
Program includes:

  • Acquiring links from high-ranking bloggers and blogs
  • Having products reviewed by industry-specific blog writers
  • Developing links between blogs, blog writers and our clients
In-House Blogging Program
Our In-House Blogging takes a more customizable and personal approach. Clients have the option of either producing their own blogs or utilizing fishbat’s talented writing staff to generate articles on clients’ behalves. In either case, fishbat blog editors are assigned to ensure proper grammar and relevant content before they appear on
clients’ sites.
The In-House Blogging program features:

  • Control of blog content
  • Keyword optimization and saturation
  • Blogs featured on clients’ websites
  • Experienced bloggers

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