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5 Halloween Digital Marketing Tips for the Holiday

Halloween Digital Marketing

Halloween is slowly but steadily approaching, and businesses would be wise to take advantage of this time of year. It’s easy to see why, as it’s among the most popular holidays of the year. Did you know that, to some degree or another, over 148 million Americans celebrate Halloween? This can be done in a…

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Internet Marketing for Event Planners: What to Know

Internet Marketing for Event Planners

Whether it’s for a wedding, a conference, a concert, or any other small or large-scale gathering, event planning is an intricate process. There are various logistics that event planners must account for, including budgeting prior to negotiations and how said negotiations are done with venue owners. When it comes to the advertising side of the…

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5 Things to Expect from a Digital Marketing Internship

Digital Marketing Internship

Generally speaking, an internship serves as an extension of the higher education experience. This is a short-term work experience that a college student can undertake to not only achieve credit but create connections, expand their network, and perhaps land full-time work in the future. The opportunities are seemingly endless for ambitious interns, though it’s important…

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Digital Marketing in Autumn: A Checklist to Follow

Digital marketing in autumn

With the summer winding down, companies should be considering what they’d like to accomplish during the fall months. This is especially true as, with the changing seasons, many businesses often shift their focuses from certain products to others. Their key performance indicators may shift as well, meaning that they’re more likely to use certain marketing…

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7 Computer Industry Marketing Tips to Know

Computer Industry Marketing Tips

The computer industry is among the most prevalent in the world. It consists of such businesses as information technology (IT), computer networking, and system maintenance, just to name a few. Furthermore, the United States market size of computer manufacturing, in 2021, has been valued at roughly $10 billion. Simply put, this is an ever-growing industry,…

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Display Advertising: Understanding the Basics

Display Advertising

Display advertising is defined as the process by which products and services are marketed via visual media. Such media includes images and videos, designed to elicit user interaction. If you’ve ever clicked on a website or scrolled through your social media feed, you were most likely greeted by different banners or auto-playing videos. Thus, you…

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New B2B Site Top Design Firms Partner with fishbat Media

Top Design Firms fishbat

Headquartered in the ever-so-busy city of New York, fishbat media is a full-service digital marketing firm that delivers solid results. What sets us apart from other agencies is our unique business approach to digital marketing campaigns and programs. We want you to excel and thrive. Established by the creators of Clutch, Top Design Firms is…

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Data Analysis for Marketers – What to Know

Data Analysis for Marketers

Data plays multiple roles in the world of digital marketing. First, depending on how successful a particular month is, it can serve as a means of bragging rights. Second, if said month isn’t as fruitful as unexpected, businesses can determine how to shift their strategies moving forward. These are just a few ways how marketing…

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Online Reputation Management: The Do’s and Don’ts to Know

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the process by which one’s presence or business is seen online. Numerous factors contribute to this process, ideally resulting in a positive representation of said presence or business. A solid online reputation can increase one’s ability to generate leads, close accounts, and grow their company. Conversely, a shoddy reputation can shy…

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The Top 5 Business Lessons Learned from COVID-19

Business Lessons COVID-19

In March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on businesses across the board. While many businesses were forced to close their doors, others pivoted, adjusting to strategies that prioritize digital media in lieu of traditional workspaces. More than one year later, it’s safe to say that how we work has changed for…

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