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Event Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts Digital Marketers Should Know

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If companies are looking to showcase their products, services, or brands in physical environments, event marketing should be what they invest in. From expos to trade shows to conferences, these events bring together several companies under one roof, allowing attendees to learn more about them. Depending on how well their products or services cater to said attendees, companies may be able to generate new business on-site. Event marketing isn’t an uncommon practice, but if you’re a business owner in the New York area, partnering with a New York digital marketing agency to learn more may be in your best interest.

Maximizing one’s success at one of these events, however, isn’t an exact science. While a strategy may bode well for one business, it may not be nearly as potent for another. This should be a given, as company owners have goals that vary from one another. Knowing how to get the most out of any event is critical, but no matter what you sell or provide to the public, there are a few ways to get started. Here are the do’s and don’ts of event marketing that digital marketers should know.

Establish your event goals. Before you decide to participate in an event, establish the goals you’d like to accomplish during your time there. This will help you create a robust marketing strategy that’s tailor-made for you. For example, are you attending an event for brand awareness purposes? Are you attending so that you can generate new business at the event in question? These are just a few possible goals that you, as a business owner, may strive toward. Whatever the case may be, having goals outlined beforehand will help you develop a better event marketing strategy.

Send out a press release. To ensure that the public knows about your involvement in an upcoming event, consider press release writing and distribution. Press releases are designed to deliver news, digitally or otherwise, via news wires. The more publications that pick up your release, the more awareness you’ll drive toward your content. Press releases can also include calls-to-action to make them more impactful, instructing readers to either visit the company’s official website or email them to learn more, just to name a few examples.

Take advantage of email marketing. There are other ways to get the word out about one’s involvement at a trade show, conference, or any other event that promises to bring in a major audience. Social media marketing can help, but to directly market to users, consider email. Though email marketing is a more long-standing promotional effort, its importance hasn’t waned much over the years. If anything, businesses continue to rely on it because they can reach out to their target audience directly. Take advantage of email to ensure that your event marketing efforts are invested wisely.

Event Marketing Dos and Donts 2

Use live video to promote your event involvement. One of the best ways to go about event marketing is by utilizing the live video capabilities of different social media platforms. Facebook is a great example, as it became one of the forerunners in this field. By using a smartphone, a user can live stream video content in real time. Users can tune in and interact, either by thumbing up the video or offering comments. Keep in mind that live video marketing is best used when there’s a steady Internet connection in place. Working alongside a reputable Long Island advertising agency will help you iron out the technical details.

Nurture leads overtime. If your goal is to generate new leads, you may find yourself accomplishing this during an event. However, it isn’t enough to simply establish communication with those looking to learn more; in fact, it’s more important that you follow up. This is where the lead nurturing process, which can come in one of multiple forms, comes into play. Sending follow-up email newsletters, complete with infographics and other relevant information, is just one possibility. Sending invitations for webinars can also help, providing users with even more insight. Failure to nurture leads can result in event marketing efforts becoming meaningless in the long run.

These are just a few do’s and don’ts to know about event marketing and how it can be used to a company’s benefit. Following the event, take the information that you’ve gathered and use it to help you get more out of events moving forward. While you may have seen success, there is likely room for improvement to consider as well. Keep these details in mind so that, no matter what event you attend, you’ll be able to attain future success.

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