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Social Media for Aspiring Chefs: The Platforms to Know

Social Media for Aspiring Chefs

The culinary arts are among the most interesting professional fields one can get involved in. Those that work to become established chefs take on not only extensive education but training, learning under experienced professionals across different fields. Needless to say, there are many essential skills that chefs must have. Just a sample includes basic food preparation, inventory control, sanitation, and even mathematics. Once individuals graduate from culinary schools, they are on their way to becoming established chefs, perhaps even looking to create their own businesses with the right resources at play. This is where online marketing, including social media, comes into play. When discussing social media for aspiring chefs, here are the most worthwhile platforms.

Social Media Platforms for Aspiring Chefs


If you’re new to the culinary arts, it’s worth creating a network of professionals you can connect with. This is where LinkedIn, regarded as the largest social media platform for professionals, comes into play. There are many food-related industries that LinkedIn caters to. These include, but aren’t limited to, food and beverage and restaurants. Furthermore, you can gain knowledge from thought leaders in relevant industries, which will make you all the more efficient at your place of work or the company you may build in the future. In the right hands, LinkedIn is among the best social media sites for aspiring chefs.


Whether you’re in the culinary arts or not, Facebook stands as one of the best social media platforms for aspiring chefs and professionals in general. Though many social media sites have come and gone, Facebook remains the standard; for many people, it’s the first name that springs to mind when social media is discussed. Consider establishing a separate company page on the platform if business ownership is a goal of yours, as this will help keep you organized, stay in touch with followers, and respond to queries as they come in.

Best Social Media Platforms for Chefs


Food is a heavily visual medium, so it’s also vital to use social media platforms that prioritize image and video content. This is where Instagram comes into play and to say that it can help budding chefs reach the next level would be an understatement. Using Instagram to create image posts is a no-brainer, but it can also be utilized to create more unique types of content. These include Stories and Reels, which string together individual posts and publish short-form videos, respectively. There are many visual social media sites and Instagram is one that shouldn’t be overlooked.


The sheer number of food-related videos on YouTube should speak volumes about the platform’s importance to aspiring chefs. Many users log onto YouTube for educational content, including step-by-step recipes. However, content can be more extensive, including Q&As and even live streams. Furthermore, short-form video can be created by way of the aptly named tool known as YouTube Shorts. If you have access to a device capable of recording video and picking up audio – this can be something as run of the mill as your smartphone – you’ll be well on you way to using YouTube as a professional vehicle.


To wrap things up, TikTok’s importance to modern digital media can’t be overlooked. It has not only inspired other social media platforms to follow in its footsteps but changed how many users consume content. Short-form video has benefited many industries, food-related ones included. Budding and established chefs alike have taken to the platform, creating videos of varying skill levels that users can take advantage of. Additionally, with TikTok being a relatively new social media site compared to others, it can be argued that its potential has yet to be reached. Perhaps you’ll be able to get more from it as you carve a career in the culinary arts.

With this knowledge, aspiring chefs will be one step ahead of the competition in the culinary arts. Even more important than said knowledge, however, is putting it into practice. If you’re new to platforms such as the ones detailed here, it may be in your best interest to speak to a social media agency. They will help you determine which platforms are most worth your investment. Moreso, they will ensure that you get the absolute most from each, resulting in maximum results. Whether you’re new to the culinary arts or have been involved in the industry for years, it’s never too late to get a leg up on your marketing.

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