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Tips to Consider When Creating Engaging Digital Marketing Content

Tips for Creating Engaging Digital Marketing Content

With today’s technology-driven world and competitive market, it’s no surprise that your content and digital presence are critical to your business’s success. Content marketing has become an essential buzzword within the digital realm, and for a good reason. Through content marketing, businesses can amplify their presence and raise brand awareness.

The most effective content marketing campaigns start with a strategy that outlines goals, voice, style, and ideation, but most importantly, it addresses the audience. With Instagram having over 1 billion users and the rapid growth of TikTok, the message you give to your consumers through digital marketing can make or break your brand positioning. Whether you’re creating content as a freelance content creator or with a content marketing agency, here are our four tips on how you can create engaging content for your audience. 

Top Tips for Creating Engaging Digital Marketing Content

How to Create Engaging Digital Marketing Content

1. Understand Your Audience

The first and most important tool is understanding who your audience is and what their interests are. To create relevant, emotionally connected content that resonates with your consumers, you must know who they are and what they like. This can be done by studying their online behavior through social listening and how they react to your content and the content of other agencies or groups that market similar services.

By listening to your audience, you can understand them at their core and what drives them to respond, interact, and engage with the content. Once you find what really sparks their interest, you can begin to implement ideas and strategies that are entirely consumer based and tailor-made for your audience, resulting in relevant and engaging content.  


2. Implement Hashtags and Keyword Research For SEO

To create exciting content, you must know what to make and how to get people to see it. You can decipher what will be successful for your brand or business by conducting keyword or hashtag research. By researching the latest trends, buzzwords, and hashtags, you can attract more of the right audience by positioning your brand within those popular keywords. Finding which hashtags have the most significant hits or which words are used most frequently within your niche can significantly impact who sees your content across the digital landscape and connects with your brand.

Using SEO-rich keywords can increase brand awareness in all sectors, including blogs, social media posts, and ultimately drive traffic to your website. When creating a social post, remember to use hashtags and relevant keywords in your copy that is relevant to your audience. Use high-performing keywords and proper hashtag etiquette to your advantage. Some tips include not using long and run-on hashtags, don’t hashtag every single word when it comes to brands, and sticking to no more than 3-5 hashtags per post. Any more than that and experts warn your brand may come across as “blatant and desperate marketers.” If you post your hashtags in the comments of your post, as some brands do, ensure they are added immediately after posting — inserting hashtags into a post later on, will not make an image appear as a recent post. 


3. Think Like A Marketer And Act Like A Creator

Believe it or not, your audience is much more intelligent than you may think. To create engaging content through digital marketing, you must think like a marketer and act like a creator. When you make content think about what your audience wants to see and make sure you give it to them using the latest graphic and audio trends.

With the algorithm of Instagram constantly shifting, your brand needs to be agile and ready for rapid changes. In years passed, social media was centered around your picture-perfect latte. Now, it has shifted to exciting reels and engaging video content with trends originating from TikTok. Brands now create campaigns with humor and relatability versus a selling proposition on their product. Consumers today can spot right away if your ad is scripted and not authentic, so it’s important to remember this when trying to get your brand or product out there. Some content trends include debunking comments through reels/TikToks, creating skits, branded hashtags, and challenges. Keeping your content raw and authentic will make your brand relatable, reliable, and relevant to your audience. 


4. Put Your Brand In The Hands Of Your Community

The digital and social media world has drastically changed in the last few years, making the audience the driver in what we post, create, and deem successful. To ensure you’re putting out engaging content, put your brand in the hands of your community.

This doesn’t mean simply throwing your product or service at them. Instead, let them interact with it. Challenge them to let you know what they like and want to see. This can include creating challenges or contests with your brand, encouraging User Generate Content (UGC) like reviews or testimonials, and allowing your brand to go viral. This puts your brand or product at the forefront of the community without talking about it directly.


Partner With a Skilled Digital Marketing Agency

Implementing any of those practices will let the audience have fun while creating value and engaging content for a well-rounded and successful digital presence.

Creating the right content for digital marketing can be challenging. However, with these tips and the right digital marketing strategy, you can create engaging, relevant content that ultimately encourages your audience to be interactive and loyal to your brand.

If you have any questions or tips you want to share, message us on Instagram, and let’s chat!

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