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The Most Important SEO Questions to Ask

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Search engine optimization is one of the longest-standing practices in the world of digital marketing. While it may have changed over the years, with everything from minimal to drastic changes being seen, there’s no denying the fact that SEO plays a key role in contemporary marketing efforts. Without this, your ability to attract the widest audience possible will be less potent. Furthermore, it will be tougher to build your brand over time. With that said, this can be done right, especially if you partner with a Long Island SEO specialist. Before you begin, however, here are some of the most important SEO questions to ask.

“What, exactly, is search engine optimization?” Generally speaking, search engine optimization is the process by which a website is improved so that it achieves greater visibility in search engine results. In other words, SEO allows individuals and entities alike to appear when a user performs an online search. It’s important to note that Google, which boasts roughly 95 percent of mobile search market share, processes over 3 billion searches on a daily basis. Searches can be done to find information, purchase products, and seek out entertainment. These facts go a long way in illustrating just how important SEO is.

“What kinds of content impact SEO?” When it comes to asking SEO questions, content should be a focus. Many factors impact one’s ability to rank in search engine results and content plays one of the biggest roles. Everything from blog posts to press releases to podcasts to videos can be optimized so that they perform better from a search engine standpoint. However, there are certain factors that must be considered. For example, are the keywords that are most relevant to your business prevalent in text-based content? Are you incorporating links when applicable? These are just a few ways to ensure that your content is built with both users and SEO in mind.

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“Should my website be changed to accommodate SEO efforts?” Outside of content, SEO questions should also be asked in regard to website design and development. Much like with the aforementioned content, there are various factors to consider. For instance, the building of title and meta tags will help search engines categorize content, meaning that they can better distribute results based on what users search for. Responsiveness, which is defined by how quickly a website performs across different devices, will also have an impact on how well a website ranks. Consider diving into the backend of your site to see if there are improvements to be made.

“How can I improve SEO independent from my website?” There are third-party measures that you can take when it comes to SEO, too. Outside of the work that you do on your website, you can improve your website’s visibility by taking other measures. For example, you should consider guest posting opportunities, allowing you to submit content to reputable websites. Not only will this allow you to gain links from said websites, but you can boost your brand’s visibility that much more. You should also look into social media efforts, including well-known platforms like Facebook and Twitter in addition to business listing sites. By doing so, you stand a greater chance of improving your SEO efforts.

“Once I’ve achieved good rankings, should I stop doing SEO?” This is among the most important SEO questions that business owners should ask. The reason for this is that while one may achieve high rankings, efforts shouldn’t cease. Search engines are complex, being built with certain algorithms in place. What this means is that one’s rankings can increase or decrease over time, especially as more businesses adopt SEO practices of their own. By stopping your SEO efforts, you stand the chance of losing the progress you’ve made. The best SEO strategy is one built with a long-term approach in mind.

“I’m not familiar with incorporating SEO, but understand its importance; what should I do next?” To go about improving your business’s SEO, it’s in your best interest to speak to a professional. Consider reaching out to a social media marketing agency in your area, provided they offer the service in question. Keep in mind that many full-service agencies provide a host of services. These include, but aren’t limited to, search engine optimization, website design, branding, and of course, social media management. To ensure that the job is done right the first time, partner with a professional.

About fishbat: fishbat is a full-service Long Island marketing agency that takes a holistic business approach to their clients’ digital marketing programs. The fishbat team understands the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs – all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C businesses.

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