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App Development: 5 Ways to Ensure Stability and User-Friendliness

App Development

The prevalence of mobile apps can’t be ignored. In the last year alone, there were roughly 230 billion mobile app downloads across different devices. This is true for applications spanning different categories, including social media, general communications, and entertainment. These programs have become part of our everyday lives and it’s fair to say that, in 2022, there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon. With this in mind, more businesses will look to get into the mobile app market as well. App development and distribution can be conducted by full-service Long Island advertising agencies and tech firms alike.

On the surface, one may think that the development of a business app is nothing short of taking a company’s website and transferring all the data associated with it to a separate program. However, the process is more involved than this, which makes sense given the platforms apps are built for. These programs are designed for the purpose of mobile utilization, meaning that a simple copy-and-paste job won’t suffice. What can be done to ensure that the development process is done with both stability and user-friendliness in mind? Here are 5 major points to consider from an app development standpoint.

1. When in doubt, look to reputable names. If you’re new to app development, it’s important to have a foundation to work off. One of the best ways to build said foundation is by looking to experts in the field. At the very least, you should dive deep into mobile apps that have been universally well-received by users. Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great examples, as they’ve been refined over the years to better cater to users. With these apps, users can seamlessly post and share content, not to mention communicate with other users, with ease. Taking cues from the experts will help you develop better apps.

2. Keep things simple. As you research mobile apps, you may start to notice consistencies among them. One of the most telling is a sense of simplicity, allowing users with varying levels of technological savvy to get the most out of the programs in question. One of the worst things that an app can be is needlessly complex. If an app is visually busy, it can overwhelm the user, resulting in less overall engagement. The same result can also be seen if it takes the user longer than necessary to dive into the app’s functionality, which can be the case if the signup process is extensive. Keeping things simple makes for better designed mobile apps.

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3. Consider SEO. Search engine optimization isn’t just applied to on and off-site efforts; it can also be implemented as far as app development is concerned. Writing high-quality content, using the most relevant keywords, and smart user interface formatting are just a few ways to ensure that your mobile app performs better from an SEO standpoint. Given the sheer level of competition that exists within different mobile marketplaces, your offerings must stand out from the pack. For a better understanding of how this can be done, it’s recommended that you speak to your local Long Island SEO specialist.

4. Make your app as power-friendly as possible. While you may be under the impression that a fully featured mobile app is best, this isn’t always the case, especially when given the varying power levels associated with different devices. Consider that some mobile apps require more bandwidth and battery life than others, especially those that require Internet connectivity to be used. No matter how well-designed your app is, if it proves to be a drain on one’s mobile device, it won’t receive nearly as much engagement as it should. Apps should be optimized with different platforms taken into consideration.

5. Keep your mobile apps secure. Finally, and most importantly, build your apps with security in mind. To say that cybersecurity is essential would be an understatement, especially when discussing apps that share and store personal information. For example, if you use an ecommerce app such as Amazon or eBay, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve made multiple purchases with said programs. In the event of a data breach, that information’s security, as well as the trust of your audience, either decreases or dissipates entirely. This is why it’s important to tackle app development with a solid understanding of security, protecting everything from the aforementioned data to your brand.

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