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The Discord Marketing Do’s and Don’ts to Know

Discord Marketing Dos and Donts

When discussing platforms that are designed with messaging and communication in mind, Discord is among the most prominent names in digital media today. However, it’s important to note that this is more than simply a tool for users to connect. It can also help with digital distribution, not to mention fostering business over time. In…

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6 Ways to Run a Successful Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit Tips

A social media audit is defined as the process of evaluating one’s social media health, from a business standpoint, before finding ways to improve it. Not only does this process help business owners understand what they’re doing well on social media but areas where they should focus their efforts moving forward. Social media audits are…

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YouTube Shorts: What Online Marketers Should Know

YouTube Shorts

Released globally in July of 2021, YouTube shorts is one of the newest video-sharing platforms. Existing under the broad YouTube umbrella, Shorts focuses on short-form video content, hence the name. The content in question may appear limited on the surface, but content creators have been able to leverage the platform in question, bringing more attention…

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Facebook Post Types: What Social Media Marketers Should Know

Facebook Post Types

Facebook is different from other social media platforms in that virtually any kind of brand can find value in it. Whether you’re the owner of a local restaurant, IT firm, or social media marketing agency – and these are just a few examples to note – this social media platform can work for you. However,…

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Twitch Marketing: 5 Tips to Get Started

Twitch Marketing

Twitch launched in 2011 and has since become one of the most popular social platforms in the world today. For the uninitiated, this is a live streaming service that brings together users with varying interests. Gaming has become the platform’s main attraction, but other interests including cooking and music have found their own homes there…

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Instagram Stories Tips to Help Grow Your Audience

Instagram Stories

For those that are unaware, Instagram Stories are series of photos and videos that are displayed atop user feeds. These photos and videos remain active for 24 hours and can run for up to 15 seconds, creating snappy pieces of content. Stories have become so popular in the social media sphere that other networking platforms…

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LinkedIn Marketing: The Questions and Answers to Know

LinkedIn Marketing

Launched on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn is considered the largest social media network for professionals. Whether you’re just getting your toes wet in the business world or have been a business owner for several years, there’s no such thing as a wrong time to get involved on the platform. By following interests related to your…

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What is TikTok? What to Know

What is TikTok

What are some of the visuals that immediately spring to mind when TikTok is brought into a conversation? These can range from dance videos to short-form comedy skits to even instructional videos, among others. Though TikTok initially launched in September of 2016, it wasn’t until the past couple of years that its popularity saw a…

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What is Reddit? A Few Things to Know

What is Reddit

The advent of Internet forums was one of the most vital occurrences to the growth of digital media as we know it today. These websites served as communities for their users to discuss various topics ranging from entertainment to technology to business and everything in between. While forums are still in existence today, it can…

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5 Reasons Social Media Marketing Matters in Real Estate

Social Media Marketing in Real Estate

Real estate is among the most booming industries in the world today. For further clarification, there are a few key statistics to know. For example, did you know that over 800,000 houses in the United States were sold in 2020 alone? Furthermore, in the country, there are over two million people that work as real…

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